Holistic health is an approach to life, rather than focusing on specific pandemic, illness or specific parts of the body. This ancient Indian approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. Laying emphasises on the connection of mind, body and spirit. The goal of holistic health is to achieve maximum health and well-being, where everything is functioning at the highest level possible.

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  1. Introduction
अयंनिजःपरोवेतिगणनालघुचेतसाम्। उदारचरितानांतुवसुधैवकुटुम्बकम्॥ Ayaṃ nijaḥ paro veti gaṇanā laghucetasām। Udāracaritānāṃ tu vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam॥

The above Shloka (a poetic form used in Sanskrit) is extracted from Maha Upanishad 6.71–75 whose English translation is “This is mine, that is his, says the small-minded, the wise believe that the entire world is a family.”

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”,the phrase is part of this shloka which inculcates an understanding that “the whole world is one family”. It is a social philosophy emanating from a spiritual understanding that the whole of humanity is made of one life energy. Unity in diversity is something that we as Indians have been practising for thousands of years, the underlying belief says the same.

ॐसर्वेभवन्तुसुखिनःसर्वेसन्तुनिरामयाः। सर्वेभद्राणिपश्यन्तुमाकश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत्। ॐशान्तिःशान्तिःशान्तिः॥ Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah | Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu, Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet | Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

The above mantra[1] is extracted from the Upanishad[2]which means “May everyone be happy, may everyone be free from all diseases, may everyone see goodness and auspiciousness in everything, may none be unhappy or distressed, Om peace, peace, peace!”

The recent Corona Virus Pandemic is shaking the world and creating panic amongst the global citizens while spreading across 187countries around the globe with more than 3.6million cases and around 252 thousand deaths (as on 7:02PM IST, May5, 2020).

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